How to Tickle your Prospects at a Trade Show

By September 26, 2008Trade Show Marketing

Yesterday we exhibited at the North Jersey Biz Expo that was held in Whippany, New Jersey. Like all good marketers we planned ahead of time and designed a new banner, ordered our printed materials and give-a-way items for the booth. As a creative firm we like to demonstrate our creativity in everything we do. So when it came to coming up with an idea for the booth all I had to do was too look to our web site. On our home page we use a peacock feather as a unique graphic element. So the idea was born. A big beautiful glass vase filled with peacock feathers was destined to be in our booth. Taking the idea a step further, I thought, let’s give out peacock feathers. We designed a hang tag about the size of a business card and attached each one to a feather. The feathers were about 36” long. We gave them out and people loved the idea and more people began coming up to our booth asking for a feather. The feathers were noticeably visible as people walked around the exhibits carrying these long beautiful feathers. It actually created quite a buzz. It goes without saying; everyone was tickled to have one.