Survey Shows Online Shoppers are Concerned About Security

By November 24, 2009Ecommerce, Web Site Design

According to a recent poll by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Symantec. 63% of online shoppers said they did not complete a purchase because of security concerns. Here are a few tips that store owners can implement to overcome this obstacle.
1. Having credibility symbols on your web site is the first step in building trust. This includes your SSL Certificate with a live to link to your provider.
2. Also make sure you have a privacy policy on your site. Visitors want to feel confident that are going to keep their information private, especially their email address.
3. Don’t ask for any unnecessary information during the check-out process. You want shoppers to be able to check-out as quickly as possible.
4. Offer payment options like PayPal and Google Checkout. This allows visitors to pay via credit card without having to divulge their credit card information.