North Jersey Web Design Firm BZA LLC Sees Surge in Mobile Traffic

By March 10, 2010BZA News, Mobile Web Design

As I was checking our Google Analytics, I was particularly interested in the mobile device traffic to our web site. Approximately 5.2 % of all traffic to is coming from a mobile device. But what I found even more interesting is that in December our mobile traffic was 1.37% , followed by January at 3.2%. When you crank all the numbers it equates to the fact the our mobile traffic is doubling each month over the past three months. That is amazing! I will add that we have not done any mobile marketing campaigns but as you might know we introduced our mobile web design and development services in February. When you drill down into the data I can see 71% of our mobile visitors are using an Iphone followed by 12% on Android. Surprisingly Blackberry makes up only 5% of our mobile visitors. The mobile web is not merely a fashion trend; it is one that will be with us for a very long time.