Manufacturing Website Design – Made in New Jersey

BZA, a northern New Jersey web design firm, has been working with manufacturing companies for many years in helping them plan, design, implement and market their manufacturing company web presence.

Here are a few features and key elements that can contribute to the success of a manufacturer’s website.

The Catalog – If you are a custom shop then it is important for you to communicate the scope of what you offer so visitors feel confident in your abilities. If you offer off the shelf industrial products then providing pictures, specifications and downloadable PDF drawings. Many manufacturers have been able to eliminate the expense of printing a catalog.

Distributors – If you sell through distributors, depending upon how many you have, you might want to utilize a Dealer Locator feature that allows your visitors to enter their location to find the closest dealer. These web application have integrated Google Maps and can display the product types or names carried by the distributor.

Selling Direct – Many manufactures are concerned about selling direct if they already sell through distributors. If you do sell direct; how can you offer different prices to different customers? With today’s e-commerce systems you can set-up various price groups that are assigned to a percentage off list price. Through the administrative area of the software you assign each customer to a price group. Your customers will have a unique user name and password that will give them access to their pricing.

Getting the News out – Incorporating a blog into your website will allow you to announce new products, highlight trade show events, and much more. Blogs are search engine friendly, so each blog article that you post will be like a small billboard for your company.

Downloadable PDF’s – Drawings, specification sheets, etc are ideal to have available for downloading on your website. It saves time and trees. Also PDF’s are indexed on Google. So each PDF you upload is like having an additional indexed web page in Google. The more the merrier.

BZA has been helping New Jersey Manufacturers for over 15 years. We invite you to check out our web design portfolio or give us a call at 973-890-0880 so we can discuss your specific needs.