NJ Web Design Company, BZA Launches Mobile Website for Marlboro Park Consulting

By June 8, 2012Mobile Web Design

BZA recently launched a mobile website for Marlboro Park Consulting enabling the site to display it’s content based upon the users mobile device. This accomplished by the website auto detecting the screen size, so it doesn’t matter is a user have 3 inch or 10 inch screen. It will automatically format the website content and images according to the size of the screen.

Business Mobile Website

The mobile site is branded with Marlboro Park Consulting logo in the header and and graphical icon. Because the site is based upon the desktop version the client has only one site to maintain.


“Businesses are now realizing they need to provide a pleasant mobile experience for their customers and website visitors”, claims Barbara Zaccone, President of BZA. “It’s anticipated that by 2014 smartphone usage will overtake desktop usage. Mobilizing your web site just makes good business sense.”