5 Easy Steps to Overcome Your Reluctancy to Market your Business with Social Media

By February 15, 2013Social Media

By Barbara Zaccone

Frequently we hear companies claiming the reason they don’t want to take advantage of social media is that they don’t have much to talk about. These organizations sadly view their business as static versus dynamic. Wouldn’t you rather do business with an organization that is dynamic – on top of the industry, creating buzz, participating in events, networking, etc?  So, besides reaping all the benefits that Linkedin, Facebook and Blogging have to offer, by joining the conversation your organization will be perceived as a dynamic and resourceful force.Social media content plan

So how can you implement a social media content strategy that will eliminate writers block and give you a wealth of topics to talk about?

Check out these five easy steps that will put you on the path to success.

  1. Events – Talk about events that you are attending. You don’t have to be exhibiting at a tradeshow to talk about it.  You can share tidbits of knowledge you obtained from attending an event.
  2. Industry Commentary –  Shed light on a new industry product or service that was just released – comment about how you feel this will effect your customers and the industry. This will also help position you as a trusted expert.
  3. Charitable Efforts – Most people contribute to some charitable cause. Promote and recognize the charitable contributions of your management team and/or employee charitable. It’s a win win for all.
  4. Knowledge Sharing – This article is a perfect example. Write about the challenges your customers are facing and share your knowledge on how you can save your customer’s time and money. The BZA News Blog has hundreds of articles designed to help our audience.
  5. Photography – Blog & Facebook posts are 50% more effective if an image is associated with a post.  So not only will images improve your level of engagement, but they also don’t need lengthy paragraphs of content. A photo with a caption and/or one or two sentences will do the trick. This can be a real time saver.

I purposely left off the obvious topics that you also can include in your social media content plan. These may include; new products, new services, product updates, customer case stories, new hires, general company news etc.

As a final word of caution don’t fall into the trap of having all your content be self-centered. It’s best to communicate information that customers & prospects would actually find interesting.

If you need assistance in implementing and integrating your social media plan into your online marketing efforts please contact us.