What you Need to Know About Google’s new Contextual and Conversational Search

There has been much conversation in the SEO world about focusing less on keywords and more on meaningful content. This is clearly demonstrated by Google removing keyword reporting in Google Analytics. Online Marketers could easily wrap their heads around keywords and optimize a website for keyword phrases. With Google’s Hummingbird release, Google has improved its understanding of search queries by interpreting the intention behind the query.

You can see this strategy implemented Hummingbird has expanded the search horizon by providing suggestion links and information that are related to a search but were not asked for. Marketers can use this information to see what google is suggesting and incorporate they topics into their content.

Sample search for bose headphone retailer:


In this example Google is suggesting links related with the word “earbuds” which was not even in our search phrase.

Once again marketers that are looking to be found really need to focus on information and relevant content creation. Keywords on their own are so very yesterday.