2015 WordPress Web Design Trends

By July 9, 2015NJ Web Design, WordPress

recommendedWith 2015 half over, it’s a good time to reflect upon changes in the industry and how you can capitalize on the power of WordPress for you business.

What Can an Impactful Web Design Do for YOU?

When a visitor lands on your website they determine if your business is credible within seconds. According to an article published by IronPaper “10 Web Design Statistics”, 94% of users leave a site that is poorly designed.

Today’s Web Design Trends

Full Width Pages

With full width pages you can take advantage of the power of large impactful and eye catching images. Photo and project galleries can take advantage the expanded spaced. Take a look at our client http://losurdofoods.com. So images are so beautiful they make you hungry.

Home Page Slider or Featured Image

Sliders have been around for a few years, but now with full width capability they truly sing when combined with a message that resonates with the viewer. Take a look at http://www.bza.com home page.

Sticky Navigation

A sticky navigation bar is one that remains at the top of the screen while the user is scrolling down the page. This feature is one that is surely here to stay. http://accuratebox.com takes advantage of large home page images and sticky navigation.

Grid or Masonry Style Blog Posts

There are now more options to display blog posts. The list style heavy text blog post is now being replaced with posts in a grid or masonry style. Viewers encourage to click with larger images and text headlines. Check out http://theme-fusion.com/avada/blog-grid-full-width/

Bright Colors

Bright colors are the perfect combination with full page width and large featured images. A single action color used consistently for buttons and call-out guide the visitor on what to click. http://atlanticinfrared.com is not shy about being bold with their corporate branding.

You might be thinking can I have all these features on my website? The answer is simply YES.