Can You Still Generate New Business with a Poorly Designed Website?

By September 3, 2015Marketing, Web Site Design

If you are reading this you might be one of those companies whose website is five or more years old. So much has changed in five years. Just think of the cell phone you were using five years ago. Many B2B companies have neglected their website through the years, due to budget constraints, lack of focus and lack of a website content management system. Once everyone in the company agrees how bad the site is they don’t even want to touch it and often don’t even promote it. They just pretend it’s not there.

Fast Forward to Today

Thanks to a strong mobile marketplace, websites are now getting the attention they deserve. Especially since Google announced in April of 2015 that search results on mobile devices would favor mobile friendly websites.


What your Website Says About your Business

The goals of any website is to convert visitors into customers. The factors below play an important role in getting your phone to ring or NOT.

Does Your Website Have? What Visitors Think
Old Photos – typically small and of poor quality Website is dated; perhaps the company is not doing well financially
Home Page Very Wordy – too much clutter and content Confusion about what the company provides. The impatient visitor quickly goes to a competitive website
Old News – Most recent news article is dated 2013 Company is not progressive and dynamic. Nothing new, no innovation, no new ideas and just plain stale.
No Social Media links (not even Linkedin) Unapproachable, not friendly, not connected, nothing new and nothing to share

The Good News

Imagine what a professional, clean and mobile friendly site can do to add credibility to your organization and showcase your capabilities. How different the user experience will be and perhaps how your phone might starting ringing. Perhaps it’s time to get started.