White Space – an Essential Element of Website Design

By October 7, 2015NJ Web Design, Web Site Design

Benjamin Moore recently unveiled its 2016 color of the year: Simply White. An Architectural Digest article on the subject described Simply White as “the shade that captures today’s spirit of polished minimalism”.

White Space is Never a Wasteof Space

As I read the article I began to think about the effects of white and white space on a website.  In the world of media and clutter, one welcomes a calm place in which to rest our eyes and focus. Remember sites with bold patterned backgrounds, white text on black, blinking icons and beveled and embossed fonts?  Today’s most professional and elegant sites embrace “the spirit of polished minimalism” and let their message and product images take center stage.

White space is an essential active element of website design and is responsible for readability and content hierarchy. White space is not wasted space.

How Does White Make You Feel

White is clean, polished and professional. There is nothing like a crisp white shirt or a fluffy white spa towel.  White is not trendy, it goes with everything and when used as the dominant color makes you feel relaxed and fresh.

White space creates a feeling of sophistication and elegance. The correct amount of white space on a website can contribute to your brand positioning.

White Space as an Essential Element of Web Design

Similar to the way white walls frame a piece of artwork, white space and a white backgrounds on a website can frame your message.  Your slider images, your bold deep blue headlines and purposeful colorful icons will help your visitors stay focused, relaxed and feel organized while on your site.

Give your website visitors a break from visual overload and go Simply White.