Google’s Search Results Snippet Change. What You Need to Know.

By January 4, 2018Search Engine Optimization

Recently Google increased the amount of characters it displays in search results to 330.  You can think of these snippets as little text ads that should be written in such a way to entice one to click the search result link.

In the past Google would only display up to 160 characters, now it’s much longer.  The snippet text can maybe be sourced from your Meta Description.  The description should be written to summarize the page’s content.  Optimizing the Meta Description is an important element in basic SEO. But sometimes instead of displaying the Meta Description,Google will display a “relevant paragraph” for a particular search query within a page, and then display that paragraph as the snippet.

So What Does this All Mean and What Should You Do

According to Yoast, a leading SEO plugin developer, you can now expand your Meta Description up to 320 characters. As a best practice make sure your Meta Description contains search-for keyword phrases.

Because Google may display a paragraph from your page to use as a snippet, it’s more important then ever that your content is well written, descriptive and contains your targeted keyword phrases, without being spammy. Next on your to-do list is to update the Meta Description for each of your pages.