Staying Relevant with Ecommerce Solutions

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Staying Relevant with Ecommerce Solutions

Many businesses are currently unable to sell their products or services the same way they always have. Small businesses in particular have struggled with staying relevant during these unprecedented times. Budgets are being trimmed wherever possible and it can be difficult to weigh the benefits of investing in your business during this time.

Stay Open with Ecommerce

There’s no mistaking that remote operations are the current atmosphere for small and large businesses alike. We absolutely need to be able to sell to our customers online, now and moving forward. Many small businesses are overwhelmed by the thought of creating
an online store for their products or services, but that’s where we come in. With decades of expertise in marketing, web design, and ecommerce, BZA has the knowledge and resources to guide you through the process.

Stay Relevant

Specialty retailers in niche industries like beauty, home and garden, and design must tune in to how consumers are spending their time. Ask yourself, how can we make our products and services relevant to consumers during this time?

• Having an ecommerce website allows your products and services available to your customers 24/7
• Creating relevant content to engage your brand across multiple platforms keeps your ecommerce site fresh and relevant

Accept the New Normal

As states and counties begin to open up, people are wondering what the future holds. The new normal is unfolding before us, and retailers and B2B companies must adjust their strategies if they want to succeed. 

One truth is indisputable across any industry vertical: retailers need to be online.

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In Response to COVID-19

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We know these are trying and stressful times for all businesses.  We wanted to let you know that our team of web developers and designers are all working from home. You can contact anyone at BZA as you have always done by using our main number 973-890-0880. Or you can email us at

We know that communication is of utmost importance to your clients, employees and customers. We are here to help in any way we can to facilitate that process.  So if you need your website updated, or perhaps you need to send an email blast, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We will do our best to address your needs as soon as we can.

Be safe and be well.

Christina Zaccone

How to Persuade People to Buy Your Product (Without Being Obnoxious)

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How to Persuade People to Buy Your Product

(Without Being Obnoxious)

You’re probably familiar with marketing claims that sound too good to be true.

“Double Your Sales in 6 Weeks!”

“This 30 Minute Course Will Show You Why You’re Losing Customers!”

It’s difficult to get your audience’s attention without sounding like the junk emails that found their way past your spam filter.

This strategy may win clicks and sales for some businesses, but it’s a quick-burning flame. These tactics damage the brand because the claims aren’t rooted in reality. They over-promise, under-deliver, and ruin any trust that was established with the customer. And marketing is all about trust.

Instead of going for the quick sale, we recommend you invest some time to build a solid foundation for your marketing strategies. Read more to learn how to genuinely appeal to your target audience.

Marketing 101: Narrow Your Target Profile

This isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but it bears repeating: you need to create a very specific profile for the customer you are targeting. Narrow it down as much as you can. If you have a current customer that is the perfect representation of your target, design your strategies to target that customer specifically.

You may find that you have multiple niches. If that’s the case, focus on building a strategy for one niche at a time.

Identify Your Customer’s Specific Problem

Whether or not they are aware of it, your target customer has a real problem. If you have a customer who represents your niche, you have a very valuable asset. Talk to that customer often and really listen to them. Ask leading questions and read between the lines to learn about the real issue (it’s usually not just the one they’re describing).

If you don’t have a customer that fits your niche, that is something worth examining. Either way, research and learn about the target customer’s problem. Do some keyword research with Google’s Keyword Planner. Figure out how your customers think about your product, and use the keywords to find forums and reviews to look for common problems.

You can also learn valuable information about the personality of your customers: do they prefer emotion and visual narratives, or are they motivated by cognitive analysis? Are they more past, present, of future minded? How do they rank in terms of openness; are they open to new experiences or do they prefer predictability and routine? Identifying the personality of your target will allow you to craft your content to be as compelling as possible.

Address the Elephant In the Room

It’s human nature to hesitate before making a purchase. Before clicking “place order,” most people spend at least a brief moment thinking of all of the reasons not to buy.

Most businesses gloss this over because they’re afraid addressing these concerns will paint a negative image of their brand or instill anxiety in the minds of their customers. By addressing these concerns in your marketing, you show your prospects that you understand their concerns. You’re not planting insecurity in the minds of your customers; you’re acknowledging and pacifying fears that already exist. You’re establishing trust.

Make a list of the reasons your target customer wouldn’t buy your product or service. You can even call your (loyal) clients and ask them to tell you about their initial hesitations to buy. What were they feeling and thinking before they committed to work with your business? What happened after, and what made them realize they made the right choice?

The best way to ease the mind of your future client is with a real-life example. With permission, use the information you gathered from your current client about their initial fears prior to purchase. Illustrate the improvements that your product or service made for your client, and how glad they are that they took the leap to work with you. Tell their story before and after your business saved the day.

Identify Your Unique Selling Point

Another marketing standard is to identify your Unique Selling Point (USP). Research your direct competitors and compare them to your own business – what makes you different? What emotional need does your USP fulfill for your clients? What aspects of your product or service cannot be imitated by your competitors?

Once you’ve spent time identifying your USP, create a short, concise, and clear phrase that drives this point home, and repeat it throughout your marketing campaigns. Here are some famous examples of USP slogans:

  • The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand (Mars, Inc.)
  • 15 minutes could save you 15% on car insurance (Geico)
  • Because you’re worth it (L’Oreal)
  • Open happiness (Coca Cola)

Don’t Have Time?

A lot of businesses don’t have the resources to devote to this level of marketing. That’s where we come in.

Let’s talk about your marketing goals.

BZA Announces Milestone Leadership Change

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BZA Announces Milestone Leadership Change

Web design and marketing agency BZA marks its 30th year with a milestone transition in management.

Barbara Zaccone’s daughter Christina Zaccone West has taken the leadership role at BZA, while Barbara has transitioned into an advisory role.

About BZA

BZA is a marketing agency most known for its web design and development, e-commerce solutions, and marketing expertise. The company was founded in 1990 and grew alongside the worldwide web we all know and love.

BZA specializes in business-to-business marketing and delivers solutions tailored to the needs of their clients. Beyond web design and development, BZA offers Google Ads management, SEO (search engine optimization), e-commerce solutions, premium app builds, social media management, print marketing, and more.

About Christina

Christina has been writing and editing for BZA’s clients for nearly 10 years. She most recently worked for Clear Channel Airports, the airport advertising division of Clear Channel Outdoor. At CCA, Christina managed national ad campaigns, working with industry giants such as Google and Uber to produce and install dynamic ad campaigns in the busiest airports across the US. She was with the company for 3 years and was recognized many times for her contributions and accomplishments.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for my mother. She worked hard to build this business, and I’m honored to carry her legacy. The internet has changed a lot since 1990 and the current landscape is quite competitive; it really shows that Barbara succeeded in creating a sustainable business model. I’m committed to carrying her values forward, and will be focusing mostly on learning about our clients and making sure they are happy as we kick off the new decade.” – Christina


Reach out to Christina Zaccone West:
973-890-0880 ext. 203

Are You Looking for the Best Ecommerce Solution to Sell Online?

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Take a Look at BigCommerce, Rated the #1 Ecommerce Platform for Small Business the Second Year in a Row

As a New Jersey based Certified BigCommerce Partner, BZA is proud to be part of the BigCommerce community. BigCommerce just announced that the team at EcommerceCEO, an ecommerce ratings and reviews site, recently completed a comprehensive analysis of the world’s best ecommerce platforms.

The report named BigCommerce as the #1 Ecommerce Platform for small businessesfor the second year in a row.

“BigCommerce was by far the strongest option for start-ups looking for a platform to grow your business with.”

Darren DeMatas, Founder, EcommerceCEO

The EcommerceCEO team ranked each platform based on its performance, features, scalability, and ease of use. BigCommerce outperformed other ecommerce platforms with a rating of 90 out of 100.

Contact us to start the conversation on how you can be a successful online business.

How to Improve your Local SEO Strategy with Google my Business Page

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Companies and organizations that rely on attracting customers within a targeted geography can greatly benefit from a good local Google Ranking.

Google My Business is a key Google local ranking factor. In fact, according to local ranking factor industry research, Google My Business “signals” is the most important ranking factor for local pack rankings.

By taking some time to optimize your Google my Business page, companies can expect an increase in quality leads, and customer within their targeted geography. Here are a few tips to get you started.

What is “Google my Business” Page?

Google My Business is a free tool for businesses to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. By verifying and editing your business information, you can help customers find you and provide details about your business. By optimizing your listing you have better control over what shows up in search results and on Google Maps.

How do I Optimize my Page?

Why optimize? For example, if you were an accountant you would want to be listed in searches for terms like, “accountant near me”, “accountant in (town), “accountant in (zip code), etc.

You first need to review your page and make sure the information is accurate. You should complete as much information as possible, such as hours of operation, address, web site, payment methods accepted, available parking etc. The more complete your listing, the more professional appearance of your organization.

Make sure you add your logo and images related to you business. Caption images so visitors can better understand your story. Encourage clients to add reviews to your page. You review score often will be displayed in search results.

Add posts to your listing. Posts can include company news, new product offerings, specials, events, etc. These posts are like mini ads that help promote your business. Once you create a post you can share it on social media and expand your reach.

How to Get Started

If you’re a local business, claiming your Google My Business page is your first step. If you don’t have any listing you can go directly to https:// . If you have a page, login to your Google account and start updating your page.

BZA LLC Receives BigCommerce Certified Partner Designation

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BZA offers e-commerce web site development to help growing businesses scale and sell more online

BZA LLC today announced a new partner designation with BigCommerce. As a BigCommerce Certified Partner, BZA will continue to offer clients custom commerce solutions powered by BigCommerce, the leading ecommerce platform for fast-growing and mid-market brands.

“We’ve been a BigCommerce Partner since 2011 and are very excited about the new Certification.  Our clients love the platform and the ease of maintaining and managing their BigCommerce storefronts,” said Barbara Zaccone, President, at BZA LLC.

BZA will continue to bring a an expert level of integration, service and support for its clients selling with BigCommerce. BZA works with companies of all sizes to launch, promote, manage and scale successful online businesses on the BigCommerce platform. According to analysis conducted by market research firm Ipsos, online stores built on BigCommerce grow approximately twice as fast as the ecommerce industry average. By selecting a flexible, cost- effective SaaS (Software as a Service) model, retailers are able to focus on managing their business, not the technology behind it.

Some of BZA’s BigCommerce clients include M Teixeira Soapstone,  Doug Larson Imports, Grobet USA and Lang Equipment Co.

New Jersey NJ BigCommerce Partner Agency
New Jersey NJ BigCommerce Certified Partner

Tips for Professional Looking Web Site Videos

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We loved this article recently published in the Wordtracker blog containing an easy to understand “how-to video” infographic.  The infographic contains 8 simple tips to creating professional looking videos that you can post on your web site and social media.  Video is such a powerful marketing tool.  Videos that are short and communicate a single message are more engaging then long videos containing a multitude of topics.  Keep it short and simple.  Check out the infographic here and use it as a handy reference guide and planning tool when creating your next video.

Web site video tips

BZA Launches New WordPress Web Site for Jessica Majewski, DDS

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BZA was very pleased to be selected to develop a new WordPress web site for Dr Majewski at Dr Majewski just opened a new practice in Verona New Jersey and wanted her site to be simple in design but with comprehensive content, detailing the various services the practice offers.  We worked with Dr. Majewski on a content strategy and outline before we started designing the site.

Dental Practice WordPress Web SiteAs a new practice, it was important to build a site that was search engine friendly and targeted to her Essex County New Jersey practice location.  The site features an appointment request form, downloadable patient forms and a news blog. Visit the site at

I had a great experience working with Barbara and her team at BZA to create my dental office’s website. They made the process very easy and straightforward.

We’ve had a lot of traffic to my site since it’s been launched and it has helped bring new patients into our practice. Many patients have told me they found our practice from simple Google searches. I also had an excellent tutorial on how I can make posts, edits and add images to the web site. Overall, my experience with BZA was exceptional.

Jessica Majewski, DDS

Google’s Search Results Snippet Change. What You Need to Know.

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Recently Google increased the amount of characters it displays in search results to 330.  You can think of these snippets as little text ads that should be written in such a way to entice one to click the search result link.

In the past Google would only display up to 160 characters, now it’s much longer.  The snippet text can maybe be sourced from your Meta Description.  The description should be written to summarize the page’s content.  Optimizing the Meta Description is an important element in basic SEO. But sometimes instead of displaying the Meta Description,Google will display a “relevant paragraph” for a particular search query within a page, and then display that paragraph as the snippet.

So What Does this All Mean and What Should You Do

According to Yoast, a leading SEO plugin developer, you can now expand your Meta Description up to 320 characters. As a best practice make sure your Meta Description contains search-for keyword phrases.

Because Google may display a paragraph from your page to use as a snippet, it’s more important then ever that your content is well written, descriptive and contains your targeted keyword phrases, without being spammy. Next on your to-do list is to update the Meta Description for each of your pages.