Four Easy Ways to Find Inspiration for Your WordPress Blog

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It’s not alway ease to come up with news and blog content that is going to be interesting to your readers. Many website owners feel they have little to share.  With these four simple tips you’ll be on your way to developing great content in the least amount of time.

Facebook Feed

Your Facebook feed is packed daily with articles and content that is relevant to your business (because you’ve selected people and organizations to follow).  As your feed passes by day after day, notice how you can never find a post that was once there? Now, when you find a post that might make a great article, you are going to hit the little arrow to the upper right of the post and hit Save Link.  In no time you will have a collection of topics that you might want to write about.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free online clipping service that allow you to monitor topics (via keywords or phrases)  that are of interest to you on the web.  Instead of having to scan the Internet for new and fresh ideas you’ll find that inspiration for new blogposts right in your inbox.

Google News

Let’s say there is a new development or technology in your industry and you want to know how others are reacting for your inspiration. Instead of just searching in the Google search box, search News, Search Tools, and select your time period.  The example below shows the news list results for Facebook Live over the past week. Which actually might be one of my next blog posts.

Industry Events

Trade shows and conferences are a great resource in which to obtain relevant topics in your industry. If you can’t attend a conference, review the agenda and workshop titles and descriptions to get some good relevant article ideas.

Why Your Competitors Don’t Want You to Have a Blog

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fish2Your web site is up and running and you are proud of your accomplishment. You never thought you needed a News or Blog section on your web site because not much changes in your business and the 10 plus pages you have says enough. But your competitors think differently, they are blogging weekly, writing news articles, tips, case studies and more. They also happen to rank higher than you in Google. Let’s uncover why.

Once you understand how blogging can help your business, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to use content marketing as a business growth strategy. Blogging is content marketing. Here are the top four reasons why blogging generates business growth:

Increased Exposure – Do you want a 10 second commercial or a 30 second commercial?

A typical business website (excluding e-commerce) has between 10 and 15 pages. Each page is indexed in Google and has a chance of coming up in a search result. Want to double your chances? Double your content. Develop a content targeted blog or news post with topics and queries that would be of interest to your audience.

Self Promotion

With the right blog posts and articles, you can proudly demonstrate your expertise. You attended a conference, you shared an article, you received an award, you share a customer story, you solved a problem, you got certified, and the list goes on and on. Your blog is the perfect repository for all of the above.

An Easy Way to Get into Social Media

Does the thought of having to do social media shut your creative thoughts down? No worries, one blog post can easily be promoted on multiple social channels. The link to your blog post can be promoted on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin with a simple copy and paste. Make sure your WordPress blog is configured with a social sharing widget so visitors can share your post. Do this and you just hit the EASY button.

Email Marketing Content

You asked me to do social media and now you want me to send out an email campaign? More work? Fear not. Your one blog post that is on the website, and has been promoted on social media, is now going to be sent out to your in-house email list. Teaser copy in your email campaign links to the full article/blog post on your web site. Your productivity just skyrocketed.

In Summary

If you do it right and publish articles on a regular basis, content marketing can drive more traffic to your web site and turn visitors into customers. If you are too busy to take advantage of content marketing, let BZA help you.  Contact us today.

WordPress Blog Integration

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News Blogs are an easy way to keep your site current and filled with search-engine friendly content. If you don’t have a blog, BZA can integrate a WordPress Blog into your current website.  We can customize your blog to match the look and feel of your website so it seamlessly becomes an extension of your website. A social sharing widget will allow visitors to Like, Tweet, Email, etc any article or post.

We will also set-up your Blog to automatically get indexed in search engines. We’ll even install an SEO module so you can add your keyword phrases and obtain a preview on how your web page will look in search results.

Your Blog can also contain an archive of articles by date and topic along with the ability for visitors to use keyword search to find what they are looking for.   Once your Blog is complete you can extend its reach by linking it to your Linkedin Profile and Facebook Page.

Underwater Dive Adventurers WordPress News Blog

BZA’s Blog integration package includes personalized training so you can create articles and posts that contain text, images and even YouTube videos.  If you would like a quote to integrate a Blog into your website, please contact us.


BZA Offers Custom WordPress Theme Design Services

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BZA, NJ’s Top NJ Web Design company, has been integrating Blogs into our client’s websites for over three years. Our blogging platform of choice is WordPress. Due to the popularity and ease of use of WordPress the platform has evolved into a robust development platform complete with a content management system.

WordPress websites are ideal for start-up businesses or for organizations with a limited budget. They can be quickly and cost efficiently implemented which equates to savings that get passed to the client. For more information check out our Custom Word Press Theme Design services.

Top NJ Web Design - Custom WordPress Theme Design

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog for Your Business

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Tonight I am going to be talking about the benefits of blogging for your business. Here is my handout.

  1. You can update your Blog/Website yourself
  2. Your blog becomes your central repository for all articles, news items, announcements and events. It’s database driven, so it’s searchable.
  3. “Search-friendliness” is built into the blog.
  4. Blogs are easy ways to add depth to your web site; Each blog post is indexed as a page in search engines. (just Google NJAWBO Blogging Event)
  5. Your blog post title can automatically be displayed as a tweet in your Twitter account.
  6. It’s easy to integrate multi-media in posts – Slideshows from Flickr; YouTube Video.
  7. Your blog can be linked from your Linkedin account.
  8. Drive traffic to your website/blog by including the link on a Facebook update.
  9. Your blog demonstrates your expertise- good for attracting press.
  10. With a blog you’ll be cool, hip, and you can now call yourself a blogger.


  • Free open source software for integrating a blog into a web site or building a standalone blog. Self hosted (; you’ll need your webmaster to accomplish this.
  • Free open source hosted blogging solution not on your domain (
  • Free Google hosted blogging solution not on your domain.
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New BZA Blog

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There has been so much publicity and buzz about Blogs, I felt that it was time BZA take the leap. My intention of putting this online journal on our web site is to give our visitors and potential clients a unique insight into our design firm. I also plan to share my perspective on industry trends, winning strategies, and news would be of interest to our audience. Many of you know, that we also publish a monthly newsletter, which is yet another communication vehicle. It will be interesting to see what lands in the newsletter and what gets posted to the blog. Only time will tell.