Turn More Website Visitors into Customers with our TOP 10 List

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Website Conversions into CustomersMaking your website more engaging and effective can increase viewer engagement and turn website visitors into leads, prospects and customers.

When looking to increase business from a website we often think in terms of increasing traffic.  But increasing traffic may not be the answer. It is easier to increase your website conversions than to increase traffic.

Conversions and Conversion Rates

A conversion is the act of a website visitor performing a measured goal on your website.  A conversion can be a sale, inquiry form completion, quote request completion, newsletter sign-up, white paper down load, etc.  The conversion rate is the number of people who have completed a measurable action divided by the total number of website visitors.  For example, if 1,000 people visited your web site and 15 people completed your inquiry form, then the conversion rate would be 1.5%. You can set up Google Conversion Tracking in your Google Analytics. Conversion rates are the ideal way to measure how your website is performing.

10 Tips and Strategies to Get You Started

  1. Your site must be mobile friendly.  30% will be viewing your website on a mobile device.  Test your site at http://google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly.  If it does not pass the test you need to take action.
  2. Create a Compelling Value Proposition
    • Don’t waste your home page value space on “Welcome” or irrelevant images.
    • Answer the question “Why buy” and “What’s in it for me”.
    • This takes a lot of thought – think in terms of Newspaper headlines
  3. Obvious, but worth mentioning, your phone number should be prominent in both header and footer.
  4. Increase Trust 
    • Third party citations, testimonials, articles published.
    • Member organizations
    • Photos that convey trust and expertise, team pictures, location photos, awards, etc.
    • Current content – no old news
    • Credibility symbols, licenses, certifications, reseller, authorized dealer, etc.
  5. Remove Clutter and Remove Distractions
    • You want to keep website visitors focused on a single action (conversion).
    • You might want to eliminate some pages.
    • Review Google Analytics Behavior – Site Content reports and remove pages that are not engaging and viewed.
    • Be clear and concise and remove images without meaning.
  6. Focus on Fast Readability
    • Everyone is so busy – display page content in easy to read format with headings, sub-heads and bulleted lists.
    • Use headlines, sub-heads and bulleted lists
  7. Craft a Well Written About Us Page
    • About Us is one of the most important and most read pages.
    • Share client challenges, trends, market expertise, process
    • Awards and accolades
    • Testimonials, pictures add a personal touch
  8. If You Serve a Local Geography
    • According to Google 73% of all searches have local intent
    • Make sure on your home page the geography that you service is clearly displayed.
  9. Social media integration
    • Engage your network in social media- but bring them back to your website.
    • Building your brand and your content on your own domain increases exposure and search engine ranking.
    • Put the tease copy on Facebook – “Learn the 5 secrets to”,  “Get 10% OFF”, “Get the Code”, etc and then let them click to get the info on your website.
  10. Purposeful Design 
    • Use of negative or white space around objects or buttons focus attention
    • Big buttons for action items or goals
    • Limit choices
    • Placing the most important content above the fold (no scrolling)

Now it’s time to take action. First, make sure you have Google Conversion Tracking set up on your website. Select two or three items from the list and start making changes that will have long lasting impact. Too busy? Let BZA assist you.

Google Warns Sites Must be Mobile Friendly by April 21st

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How Will Google’s Mobile Friendly Update Effect Your Search Rankings?

Google’s mobile friendly search ranking update is scheduled to go into effect on April 21, 2015. This means that Google is going to start using mobile-friendly compliance as a ranking factor in smartphone search.

Site owners that are not mobile compliant, and have their site registered with Google Webmaster Tools, are receiving emails telling them that they have “mobile usability issues”. The notice goes on to say “… pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users”.

Test Your Website to See if it is Mobile-Friendly

If you do not know if your site is compliant, you can run a simple test by using this tool: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/.

Mobile test

How to Estimate if This Ranking Change will Affect Your Traffic?

To best understand how this might affect your organic search traffic take a look at your Google Analytics audience demographic for mobile. There you will see the breakdown of visitors from mobile, desktop and tablet. If you have a high percentage of visitors from mobile devices who arrived at your website via Google Search, for example 25% or above, that means you risk being poorly ranked for 25% of your incoming traffic. Website owners in this situation should immediately plan to make their site mobile friendly.  If you you need help in figuring this out please contact us.

What are Your Options for Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

All the websites that BZA has been building for the past few years have been mobile-friendly. If you would like to discuss your current situation what your options might be please e-mail or give us a call.

Should You Mobilize Your Website?

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Just this week, orders for the iPhone 5 topped 2 million in their first 24 hours, more than double the amount of its predecessor over the same period.  There is no doubt Smart phone users are dominating the mobile market. The easiest way to establish a positive relationship with mobile users is to create a mobile website for your organization.  If your website is built on a WordPress platform, BZA can easily develop a mobile theme for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Samsung mobile visitors.

How do we make this work?  Your newly mobilized website works by detecting devices like iPhones, iPads, Android & and more, serving its optimized themes instead of your regular desktop theme. Visitors have the option to switch to the desktop theme if they desire.

Take the Test

We encourage web site owners to take a look at their existing web site on mobile devices and see how their site renders. You will quickly notice that browsing a desktop web site on a mobile phone is a frustrating experience. Sites utilizing Flash menus or sites built entirely in Flash will not operate on an iPhone or iPad.

Consultants 2 Go Mobile Website

Your mobile web site will become an invaluable asset that is available from any location at any time of day or night.

Contact us today for a quote to mobilize your website

NJ Web Design Company, BZA Launches Mobile Website for Marlboro Park Consulting

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BZA recently launched a mobile website for Marlboro Park Consulting enabling the site to display it’s content based upon the users mobile device. This accomplished by the website auto detecting the screen size, so it doesn’t matter is a user have 3 inch or 10 inch screen. It will automatically format the website content and images according to the size of the screen.

Business Mobile Website

The mobile site is branded with Marlboro Park Consulting logo in the header and and graphical icon. Because the site is based upon the desktop version the client has only one site to maintain.


“Businesses are now realizing they need to provide a pleasant mobile experience for their customers and website visitors”, claims Barbara Zaccone, President of BZA. “It’s anticipated that by 2014 smartphone usage will overtake desktop usage. Mobilizing your web site just makes good business sense.”

North Jersey Web Design Firm BZA LLC Sees Surge in Mobile Traffic

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As I was checking our Google Analytics, I was particularly interested in the mobile device traffic to our web site. Approximately 5.2 % of all traffic to http://www.bza.com is coming from a mobile device. But what I found even more interesting is that in December our mobile traffic was 1.37% , followed by January at 3.2%. When you crank all the numbers it equates to the fact the our mobile traffic is doubling each month over the past three months. That is amazing! I will add that we have not done any mobile marketing campaigns but as you might know we introduced our mobile web design and development services in February. When you drill down into the data I can see 71% of our mobile visitors are using an Iphone followed by 12% on Android. Surprisingly Blackberry makes up only 5% of our mobile visitors. The mobile web is not merely a fashion trend; it is one that will be with us for a very long time.

How to Design a Mobile Enabled Website

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Here are few import points to consider when designing a mobile enabled website for your organization.

  1. Less is better. Plan your information architecture based upon what users typically want first when they go to your web site. Make a list and prioritize each page or function.
  2. Minimal use of graphics. The on-the-go mobile user is not going to be wowed by images, pictures and graphics. They are browsing because they are looking for specific information. You want them in and out of your site. You’ll wow them with simplicity.
  3. Button and font size. Eliminate wasting your visitor’s time by make links and buttons a size that is finger-friendly. Tiny text and button will just bring the visitor closer to exiting your web site.
  4. If you want to sell products or services via your mobile website, think about using PayPal or Google Checkout. This eliminates the visitor from having to type in all contact and credit card information.
  5. Promote your site through geo-targeted sites like Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yelp.

For more information visit BZA’s mobile enabled web design services .

NJ Web Design Firm BZA Announces New Mobile Web Design Services

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With just over 40% of Americans currently owning a smartphone the number of on-the-run web surfers continues to growth. BZA is now helping companies gain customer loyalty, increase exposure and web traffic by developing mobile websites.

According to Barbara Zaccone, President and Founder of BZA, “The majority of websites are not optimized for mobile use. This allows companies to gain a significant competitive advantage by mobilizing their web site.”

BZA Mobile Web Design
BZA’s Mobile Web Site

According to a recent Gartner Group report by year-end 2010, 1.2 billion people will carry handsets capable of rich, mobile commerce providing a rich environment for the convergence of mobility and the Web.

Although larger organizations can afford custom App development for both the Iphone and Android platforms, small and medium organization can choose a more affordable browser based solution.

Zaccone added, “I encourage web site owners to take a look at their existing web site on mobile devices and see how their site renders. Most people will quickly notice that browsing a desktop web site on a mobile phone is a frustrating experience.”

For more information see BZA’s mobile web design services.

American Express OPEN Externship Program Architects BZA’s Mobile Marketing Strategy

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BZA was chosen to be a participant in the American Express OPEN Externship program. Amex assigned a team of talented professionals to develop a Mobile Marketing – Market Entry Strategy for BZA. This week the team came out to BZA’s office from their NYC headquarters to present their findings. The comprehensive report and presentation included an executive summary, recommendations, mobile market overview, competitive landscape, market opportunities, market entry strategy, and pricing strategy. Soon you’ll see new Mobile Marketing offerings from BZA.

American Express OPEN Externship presents BZA Mobile Marketing Strategy