BZA Launches Custom WordPress Website for Panurgy

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Panurgy, New Jersey based information technology service provider, tasked BZA to design a new website that provided a positive experience for Panurgy’s visitors. They also wanted to leverage social media, promote their events and be able to easily update the site. The result is an elegant, clean and professional site that strengthens Panurgy’s brand image.


The home page features a custom slider animation that highlights Panurgy’s seven core IT services. BZA designed custom illustrations that highlight these services in a creative manner. Panurgy is also utilizing these icons in their printed collateral.

The website is built with the WordPress platform and features a news blog, events plugin, social sharing widget, e-mail newsletter sign-up, site search, client log-in, inquiry request form and more. You can visit the site at

What to Consider When Converting your Website to WordPress

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With all the bells and whistles that come with a WordPress website, it’s no wonder why business owners are jumping on the WordPress bandwagon.

Before leaping to the latest and greatest, here are some critical factors you need to consider in order to ensure a successful migration.

Do you love the design of your current website? If so, then the look and feel of your WordPress website can remain mostly unchanged. If your website seems old, tired and dated then it’s time for a fresh look. At this point,  you can choose to have a custom designed website (totally unique to you) or one that is template based and customized to your brand. The latter is the lower cost option.

News, Press, Media & Articles
One of the main benefits of WordPress is that it is database driven.  This means your content can be organized by date, topic, category, etc.  As part of the conversion process you will want to move all of your news, press, media, articles, etc., from your old site to your new site. Search engines love content – so you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

If you currently sell products online, or have plans to do so in the future, it’s important to understand if a WordPress plug-in shopping cart is one that will meet your needs. As a rule of thumb if you are selling 50 or less products a plug-in may meet your needs. If you plan to grow to over 50 products or have more than 50 products already, then a more robust shopping cart platform is a wiser solution. BZA can help you make the selection.

Site Search
Now more than ever we Google everything. So why not implement WordPress site search. WordPress search will display relevant posts across your entire website including pages, news and articles.

What type of mobile access do you think your visitors require? WordPress out of the box will work on a mobile device. But if you want an optimized mobile experience than you may consider using a Mobile plug-in or add responsive WordPress to your requirements.

Search Engine Optimization
If ranking in search engines is important to your business then you will love the ability that WordPress gives you in terms of tweaking your pages and posts. You’ll get the ultimate control you need to customize URL naming, meta description and page keyword density and more. This is achieved through a WordPress SEO plugin.

Social Media
If you are a B2C (business to consumer organization) then social sharing is a must. WordPress with the proper social sharing plug-in will give you consistent sharing ability throughout your pages and posts. B2B (business to business companies) have been slow to adopt to social sharing. Keep in mind you can have social sharing on your website without having to have a business Facebook page or Twitter account.

If you would like to learn more about how your organization can benefit from WordPress, please contact us. We would love to show you some great case studies from satisfied clients.

Choosing a New Jersey Web Design Company – What you need to know.

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Too often we receive calls from clients that have had bad experience with their web design vendor and are looking for an honest firm in which to entrust their business. Making the right decision the first time can save you much time and energy.

Here are a few essentials you need to consider:

Company Longevity

Longevity in business demonstrate experience. How long has the company been in business?

Web Design Portfolio

Does the web design firm have experience in your industry?  For example if most of their work is doing retail stores on Main St and you are a manufacturing company, they will not have an in-depth understanding of Business to Business marketing.


Does the firm listen and ask about your needs or do they just tell you want they think you need? A new website can only be effective if it is built to meet your business needs. Having a cute animation may do nothing or even hurt your engagement with potential clients.

Meetings & Appointments

Is a potential web design vendor willing to meet at your location? Some companies actually charge for an introductory appointment. That is crazy.

Website Pricing

Avoid the very low cost, too good to be true pricing. Most likely the work is performed overseas. This in itself is very problematic. Or perhaps a college or high school student without any business experience will be developing your website. Bad idea.

Website Maintenance

Once your site is up and running will you be able to update the site yourself? All websites today should come with a content management system. Ask for a demo of the content management system to make sure it’s easy to use.

Website Content Development Services

Make sure you select a firm that can help you prepare your content.  We are talking about a marketing and advertising website copywriter that can create search engine optimized content that will engage your readers.

Depth of Services

How nice it would be to leverage your website’s design elements into printed collateral and marketing materials. Does the web design firm offer these services?  Having one vendor to go to will save hours of time and money. You’ll benefit from a brand image that is consistent across all media.

Medical Practice & Healthcare Web Design – What You Need to Know

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If you are a medical practice or health care related business, you know how critical your website is in both attracting and servicing patients. Medical Practice Web Site DesignThe online strategies below should help you develop a solid online marketing and patient service strategy for your medical practice website.

Visible Contact Information

Even through this sounds obvious having your phone number on each page or in the upper right heading is a must.  Avoid just having it on your contact page.

Directions to Your Medical Practice

Gone are the days of a long text list of directions. Make sure site has an interactive Google Map so your visitors can get personalized directions to your office. Medical Practice Sample Google Map

Describe Your Location

On your contact page you should expand your content to describe where you’re located.  For example: “BZA is located in Little Falls New Jersey which is in Passaic County.  The surrounding towns include Wayne, Montclair, Clifton, etc.” Not only will this help the reader get an understanding of where you are if they are not familiar with your town, but it will also help patients find your in search engines.

Location Photography

Personalize your site with location photography so visitors can get a sense of your practice.  Take photo’s of your waiting room, building, lab, etc.  A site that only uses stock photography screams stock photos.

Doctor and Staff Bios

Bios of doctors and staff should be about 250 words and include a professional headshot. With the emphasis on professional.  Avoid those straight on photos against wall.

Online Documents  & Forms

Having patient documents like intake forms, and compliance forms downloadable on your website can save your staff hours of printing and emailing forms. Having the patient come in with completed forms in hand is a win win for all.

Content Management System

Make sure you new website comes with a content management system. This will allow one of your office staff members to keep the site up to date.

Medical Practice News Blog

Whether you call it a News, Press, Media, or Blog function, having news and information is of value to your patients.  Not only does it demonstrate your in-depth understanding of your specialty, but this type of content can increasing your ranking in search engines. You can refer patients to blog posts to get more information on a particular topic.

These are just a few strategies that will contribute to the overall success of your medical practice’s online web presence. If you are ready for a site redesign contact us or request a quote.

BZA to Develop Online Truck Rate Application for AllPoints Transport

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BZA recently was awarded a contract to design and develop a new website for Newark based logistics company AllPoints Transport.  Integrated into the site will be a online truck rate calculator.  This will allow AllPoints’ customers to login 24 x7 and obtain accurate truck rates based upon freight and milage. This will greatly improve the efficiency of company’s office staff that currently provides truck rates over the phone.

BZA’s web designers will be designing the site at the same time BZA’s web developers will be building the website along with the truck rate web application. The website is anticipated to be launched in late spring.

Manufacturing Website Design – Made in New Jersey

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BZA, a northern New Jersey web design firm, has been working with manufacturing companies for many years in helping them plan, design, implement and market their manufacturing company web presence.

Here are a few features and key elements that can contribute to the success of a manufacturer’s website.

The Catalog – If you are a custom shop then it is important for you to communicate the scope of what you offer so visitors feel confident in your abilities. If you offer off the shelf industrial products then providing pictures, specifications and downloadable PDF drawings. Many manufacturers have been able to eliminate the expense of printing a catalog.

Distributors – If you sell through distributors, depending upon how many you have, you might want to utilize a Dealer Locator feature that allows your visitors to enter their location to find the closest dealer. These web application have integrated Google Maps and can display the product types or names carried by the distributor.

Selling Direct – Many manufactures are concerned about selling direct if they already sell through distributors. If you do sell direct; how can you offer different prices to different customers? With today’s e-commerce systems you can set-up various price groups that are assigned to a percentage off list price. Through the administrative area of the software you assign each customer to a price group. Your customers will have a unique user name and password that will give them access to their pricing.

Getting the News out – Incorporating a blog into your website will allow you to announce new products, highlight trade show events, and much more. Blogs are search engine friendly, so each blog article that you post will be like a small billboard for your company.

Downloadable PDF’s – Drawings, specification sheets, etc are ideal to have available for downloading on your website. It saves time and trees. Also PDF’s are indexed on Google. So each PDF you upload is like having an additional indexed web page in Google. The more the merrier.

BZA has been helping New Jersey Manufacturers for over 15 years. We invite you to check out our web design portfolio or give us a call at 973-890-0880 so we can discuss your specific needs.

North Jersey Web Design Company – BZA LLC

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Many companies that are looking for a north jersey web design company want to work with a firm that is geographically close to their business. BZA has a large concentration of clients in the north and central portions of the state of New Jersey. We also have clients in New York City, New York State, New Hampshire, Idaho, Georgia and California.

Working with North Jersey Web Design Company has Many Benefits

BZA, as leading North Jersey web design company, allows us to personally meet with our clients at their location or in our office in Little Falls, New Jersey. This is especially convenient when we provide personalized training for our clients. Many of our clients enjoy getting out of their offices to meet with us which results in a productive meeting without distractions.

Our NJ web design specialists and marketing team is located at northern new jersey office is located in Passaic County close to the Essex County border near Montclair State University. We are near major highways including Route 46, Route 3, Route 80, Route 280 and the Garden State Parkway. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your next web design, online marketing, WordPress website design, or social media project.

BZA Offers Custom WordPress Theme Design Services

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BZA, NJ’s Top NJ Web Design company, has been integrating Blogs into our client’s websites for over three years. Our blogging platform of choice is WordPress. Due to the popularity and ease of use of WordPress the platform has evolved into a robust development platform complete with a content management system.

WordPress websites are ideal for start-up businesses or for organizations with a limited budget. They can be quickly and cost efficiently implemented which equates to savings that get passed to the client. For more information check out our Custom Word Press Theme Design services.

Top NJ Web Design - Custom WordPress Theme Design

NJ Interactive Agency BZA LLC Launches Website for Efco Products

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BZA recently launched a new website for food ingredient manufacturer EFCO Products of Poughkeepsie, New York located at . EFCO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ingredients for bakeries and foodservice companies worldwide. The site gives bakers and chefs convenient access to detailed product information. As innovators of new products, it was important for Efco to be able to update the website quickly and efficiently. BZA provided Efco with a content editing solution that allows them to update their product pages, news and more.

At the core of EFCO’s success is their commitment to providing the highest level of customer service. EFCO’s customers can now go to the recipe blog section of the EFCO website to get ideas, tips and recipes that put the “Yum” in their food creations. Recipes are now indexed in a database and easily retrieved through search or category navigation.

Through BZA’s site optimization effort, EFCO has been able to increase their search engine traffic significantly since the website launch. With their old site they could not be found for any of their targeted keywords or phrases.

Efco Products Newly Launched Website

Survey Shows Online Shoppers are Concerned About Security

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According to a recent poll by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Symantec. 63% of online shoppers said they did not complete a purchase because of security concerns. Here are a few tips that store owners can implement to overcome this obstacle.
1. Having credibility symbols on your web site is the first step in building trust. This includes your SSL Certificate with a live to link to your provider.
2. Also make sure you have a privacy policy on your site. Visitors want to feel confident that are going to keep their information private, especially their email address.
3. Don’t ask for any unnecessary information during the check-out process. You want shoppers to be able to check-out as quickly as possible.
4. Offer payment options like PayPal and Google Checkout. This allows visitors to pay via credit card without having to divulge their credit card information.