NJ Web Design Firm BZA LLC Launches Website for Accurate Box Company

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Accurate Box Company, located in Paterson, New Jersey, is a national supplier of high graphics corrugated boxes. They selected BZA to help them generate new sales opportunities and interest in their company. Their custom color corrugated boxes can be found in every club store and box retailer across the country.

NJ Design Firm BZA Launcheds New Web Site for Accurate Box Company

BZA designed a site that lets their high graphics corrugated boxes take center stage. The comprehensive site has a Markets Served section containing eight animated slide shows for each market. Photography used throughout the site consistently reinforces the quality of their work. Any prospect visiting the site will quickly find that many Fortune 500 hard goods, food, and beverage companies entrust their brand to Accurate Box.
BZA also integrated a company video into the web site. The company video, complete with player controls, downloads quickly from a video streaming server.
Through BZA’s search marketing and optimization effort Accurate Box has been able to increase their search engine traffic significantly since the web site launch. They have been able to expand their geographic reach by increasing their visibility in search results for their targeted keywords and phrases.
Accurate Box wanted to be able to update their site content to keep the site current. In order to accomplish this BZA provided a content management solution so Accurate Box can update their web site without any technical knowledge. The site is located at http://www.accuratebox.com

Keep Your Website Up To Date Hassle Free

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Want to add news, articles, tips, and events to your web site? The most cost-effective way to accomplish this is to integrate a blog into your web site. Blogs are a fast and easy way to publish, categorize and archive information in our web site. Best of all, you can publish content to your web site without any technical expertise. How does this work?

The most popular blogging platform is WordPress. WordPress is Open Source, meaning it’s FREE. Your webmaster will need to install WordPress on the web server that houses your web hosting account and customize it so it matches the look and feel of your web site. WordPress is actually a database application, which means Individual posts can be retrieved through search, Tags, and a Category index. Additional benefits include:

  • Blogs are a great way to build quality keyword driven links that point to key pages on your website. Great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Blog content is almost instantly indexed in Google.
  • Blogs are a quick way to integrate multimedia into your site; add a slide show, pictures, or Video (linked from YouTube)
  • Think of using a blog for your Press Room or News section of your web site. News Articles are automatically archived by date and can be easily searched.
  • Position yourself as an expert. You may not have written a book but you do author a blog.

One of the easy ways to promote your blog (articles and content) is through social media. So once you post an article, you’ll need to tweet about it through your Twitter account. Make sure you include the link to the blog article.

Your Blog can be configured in such a way that every time you add a post, your home page automatically gets updated with the latest news headlines. Don’t be afraid of the word “Blog”. Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and become a blogger. You can update your blog as often as you like. Express yourself.

NJ Web Design Firm BZA LLC Launches New Web Site for Paradigm Packaging

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BZA recently launched a new website for Paradigm Packaging with headquarters in Saddle Brook New Jersey. Paradigm Packaging is a leading plastic bottle manufacturer for the vitamin, nutritional, and over the counter (OTC) drug and pharmaceutical industries. With four facilities on the East and West Coasts of the US, Paradigm manufactures and distributes high-quality plastic bottles and jars throughout the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, Central America, Western Europe, the Baltics, and China. BZA designed a web site where visitors can easily find detailed specifications of the various plastic bottles which Paradigm manufactures.

NJ Headquartered Baded Paradigm Packaging

BZA provided creative direction for the product photo shoot, copy writing, editing, and online marketing services. BZA’s web developers developed a sample request form that facilitates the process of capturing leads into a database. According to Joe Flynn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Paradigm Packaging he claims “I feel like we put another sales person on the road.” In the future BZA will be developing and integrating an application that will allow users to search for plastic bottles by material, style, neck finish, use, etc. or combinations of each. The site can be visited at http://www.paradigmpackaging.com/.

What Business Start-ups Need to Avoid When Selecting a Domain Name

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I recently taught a class for start-ups and entrepreneurs on web marketing. I dedicated one slide to the topic of selecting a domain name. I was extremely surprised how this topic sparked so much discussion and interest. In light of this, I thought a blog post would help others facing that most important decision.

Many of the unemployed today are reinventing themselves and starting up businesses. One of the most important tasks a business owner must consider, second to selecting a company name, is the selection of their domain name. Brands are greatly affected by the ability of the company to obtain the matching domain name. If a company builds a brand around a name to which it does not own the domain name, it can end up directing traffic to another domain owner’s site. If it is a competitor, this surely would be problematic.How to Select a Domain Name

As you list your potential choices, determine how the name will be interpreted in both writing and in speech. Two or three word domains can easily be read in more than one way. A good domain name should require little or no explanation when verbalized. In other words when you tell someone your web site address and they ask, “is 2 spelled to
or two”? or “is it the number 2?”. Having to offer an explanation adds an unnecessary level of confusion and will guarantee that your domain name will be difficult to remember.

Numbers should be avoided and so should phonetic letters; i.e. “fone” for “phone”, “magik” or “Magic”. Also avoid homophones like “sweet” and “suite”. Avoid hyphens; i.e. www.my-company-store.com.

When you search domains during the purchasing process you’ll see the many extensions (.com, .biz, .info, .us) that are available. Domain registrars will always show you the “3rd rate” names like .biz, .us, .info etc. They want to increase the amount of your order by encouraging you to sign up for those names. Do resist for the mere fact that the business world thinks in .com and that’s the way it is. So stick with .com under all circumstances.

Keep your name as short as possible. Remember you domain will be reflected in your email address. If the name is longer but yet easy to remember and spell than that should be acceptable.

And once you register your domain, do put up a placeholder or a splash page until your web site is ready. The experts claim domain name longevity is a factor in search ranking. Now that is another whole topic.

Zaccone to Teach “Building an Effective Web Presence” at The Adult School of Montclair on March 24th

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I am going back to School. Yes, to teach at the Adult School of Montclair. This is one of two business courses that I will be teaching in March. If you don’t have a web site for your business or you are about to embark upon a new site this is a class that you should not miss.

Class Description: Your website can be a critical factor in the success of your business. Learn the secrets behind creating and building an effective web presence. Topics include developing a site map, site design strategies, crafting your message, writing web content, working well with images and photography, and selling online. For more information or to register visit the Adult School of Montclair web site. The class will be help on March 24th 7:30-9:00pm.



Montclair Adult School

Montclair Adult School








Is Your Web Site Ready for 2009?

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The New Year is no better time to prepare your site for the year ahead. Unfortunately, more often than not, organizations don’t update their site on a regular basis. Refreshing your content can contribute to improved ranking and exposure in Google.

Follow this list to make sure your site is in ship-shape condition for 2009:
1. Change the copyright date at the bottom of your site to 2009;
2. Edit your home page copy. Your message should be mindful of today’s economy. Speak to your visitors to demonstrate your understand of the current challenges your target marketing facing.
3. Update your news and blog articles. A 2009 date will demonstrate that you’re on the ball.
4. Take a look at your Page Titles and Meta Data. As your content changes, don’t forget to change your keywords and page titles.
5. Give your inquiry form or linked email addresses a quick test. Make sure they are going to the correct destination and you know who in your organization is getting the leads and queries.

BZA Launches New Web Site for New Jersey Based Virtual Office Services Firm

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Last week we launched a new web site for EOS Solutions LLC a New Jersey Based Virtual Office Service firm located at www.eosvirtual.com. Their services include live receptionist, virtual receptionist, mail handling and conference room rental. BZA has enabled the client to update the content of the web site so they can efficiently update pricing, services, business tips, and client testimonials. The site has been integrated with Google Analytics, allowing them access to an online dashboard that provides up to the minute statistics detailing the performance of their web site. Their contact page contains links to Google Mapsso visitors can quickly enter their address to obtain driving directions.

The True Cost of Procrastination

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Recently I was at a networking event and asked a person I had just met if they were proud of their web site. She said to me “Oh, we’re working with someone, but we’ve been working on it for about a year”. I thought to myself “a year?”. One full year of missed opportunities. Let me try to actually break down the cost of this loss in terms of dollar and cents.

Let’s say for example your existing web site generates 50 visitors a day. I will add that by not updating your site through the years and bringing it up to today’s standards you will find that your traffic will continually decrease over time. Now you look into a crystal ball and estimate the performance of a new site. The new site would be more visually appealing, search engine friendly content, compliant with WC3 standards, and contain relevant content that will increase your traffic by 100%. This is a totally realistic number. Now you have 50 more visitors per day or approximately 1,500 visitors per month or 18,000 visitors per year. If those numbers don’t motivate you to do something the next set of numbers should. Now we’ll turn traffic in dollars and cents.

Let’s say you decide not to invest in a new web site, but instead try your hand a PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising, the most popular being Google Adwords. When you set-up an Adwords account you will use the keyword tools to find out how much you need to spend per day and per click to be in the top six positions. Depending upon the competitiveness of your business you’ll get a sense of what those clicks to your web site will actually cost. For a B-to-B marketer a cost of $1.25 per click is a reasonable number. In using this as an example here is the actually cost to you by doing nothing. Not to mention you are giving this traffic to your competitors.

Case #1
Keep existing web site. No changes.
Case #2
Keep existing web site but use Google Adwords to generate more traffic
Case #3
Redesign a search engine friendly web site; anticipated double the traffic of existing site
Web site visitors per day 50 100 100
Web site visitors per month 1500 3,000 3,000
Cost Per Month 0 $1,875.00* 0
Web site visitors per year 18,000 36,000 36,000
Cost per Year 0 $22,500 0

*Calculated by assuming the cost per visitor in the Adwords campaign is $1.25 click.

In conclusion, you can see the true value of traffic. A good analogy? A large billboard on Route 3 just before the Lincoln Tunnel. In Case #1 your billboard is blank. In Case #2 you billboard cost you $1,875 per month or $22,000 per year. In Case #3 the cost is equal to the redesign of your web site and your billboard stays up forever. I rest my case.

How to Write an “About Us” Page

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You’re thinking of doing business with a company you know very little about. After spending a few seconds on the home page you quickly go to the About Us page. Once there, are you captivated or put to sleep? When writing content for your About Us page, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • There is no need to go into long detail about the history of your company. Simply state when your company was founded or how many years you have been serving your industry.
  • You should also include a brief summary of products offered, the more concise the better.
  • This is also the place to communicate how you are different from your competitors.
  • Be sure to mention your organization’s awards, certifications and any other forms of recognition.
  • If you do business in a specific geography you should mention it on this page.
  • Share your company’s philosophy or unique approach to satisfying the customer’s needs.
  • If you have expertise in a specific industry you may want to communicate how your in-depth knowledge of the industry helps your clients.
  • Mention your membership in any trade or community organizations.
  • Do not include your Mission Statement or the CEO’s biography.

Your About Us page should be concise, easy to read, and serve as a marketing piece for your company. You need to walk a fine line between vanity and modesty.

To the Rescue

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I can’t begin to tell you how many calls I get from companies that are in a predicament with their web site. Either their web person has stopped returning phone calls or they have just fallen off the face of the earth. For BZA these missions become one of research and rescue. Typically these people aren’t sure where their site is being hosted and many do not have their domain registrar information. As a word of warning, I recommend you treat your web site like a valuable company asset. Keep all your hosting and domain records in a safe place. You can even ask your web person to burn your site to a CDROM. Also make sure you own your domain name. Many companies are surprised to find out that they do not own their own domain name. It is an unethical practice for any company to register a name for a company, charge them for it and keep ownership of the name. Although we love to come to the rescue for clients, and be the hero, we most often wish it were under better circumstance.